Meet Tim Takacs


Tim Takacs began his legal career in 1980, right after graduating from law school. He joined three other lawyers to open a general practice in Hendersonville.

After he had been practicing law for about 10 years, an older gentleman walked into his office.

“My wife just went into a nursing home,” he told Tim, “and I don’t know what to do.”

Tim said, “I don’t know either. But I’m going to find out how I can help you.”

Tim Takacs found out how to help this gentleman, and for almost 20 years since then, he has never stopped trying to make life better for the hundreds and thousands of clients and families who have sought his help and whom he serves.

Tim's passion for learning and his practice innovations have inspired hundreds of other lawyers and transformed the practice of elder law in the United States.

As a colleague wrote about him, Tim “is an easygoing and warm but tremendously intelligent and practical lawyer who exhibits both pride in his work, humility in his accomplishments, and a sense of humor about it all. Tim is a rare individual, a lawyer who takes his mission seriously, but not himself.”

Tim lives in Hendersonville with his wife Lynn and their three cats Sarah, Annabelle, and Josie.

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