Helping Families Protect Assets and Coordinate Long-Term Care

Aging, disability and chronic illness raise tough questions for families.

How can you get your loved one the right care without squandering family wealth on nursing home costs or losing it to the Medicaid system? How can you be sure your loved one is getting the right care?  What will you do if there are problems?

Elder Law Practice of Timothy L. Takacs has the answers.

For almost 20 years, the Elder Law Practice of Timothy L. Takacs has been helping families respond to the legal, financial, physical and psychological challenges presented by long life, illness and disability. As an elder law practice that specializes in Life Care Planning, we help families protect assets and coordinate care. Founder Timothy L. Takacs, CELA, one of the most respected elder law attorneys in the nation, leads an interdisciplinary team of care coordinators and other professionals who work together to enhance the quality of life for elders.

The Future of Elder Law is Here.

As a Life Care Planning law firm, the Elder Law Practice of Timothy L. Takacs offers a holistic solution for families struggling with the demands of an elderly loved one's care. Where traditional elder law firms focus on saving the elder’s money for the next generation, our goal is to use the elder’s money to maximize the elder's quality of life and independence. 

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Need a speaker for your next event? The Elder Law Practice Speakers' Bureau can help. Our staff members are experienced presenters who can address many topics related to the challenges of aging, long-term illness and disability. For more information, click here or call (615) 824-2571.