Elder Care Confusion

Are you a victim?

If you are balancing the care of an elderly or disabled loved one with your work, your family and the rest of your life, you probably are.

What are the symptoms?

  • You know there are questions you should be asking about your loved one's financial, legal and physical well-being but you have no idea what those questions are or where you might find answers.
  • You are so exhausted by the competing demands of work, family and caregiving that you have no time to do the research needed to make good decisions about your loved one's future.
  • If the time comes when you can no longer manage your loved one's care at home, you have no idea what you will do.
  • You are terrified that if long-term care outside the home is needed, the nursing home will take everything your loved one worked a lifetime to earn.
  • You put off as many decisions as possible, making decisions only when a crisis forces you to.
  • You dread the future because you don't know what new problem you will have to face on your own.

There is an antidote for Elder Care Confusion. It's called a Life Care Plan.Your loved one gets the care he or she needs and family assets are protected. You get help with every decision and compassionate support from a team of professionals who care about you and your loved one. In short, you get your life back.

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