Worried about the future of your special needs loved one? We can help.


My child has Down’s Syndrome.
Who will take care of him when I'm no longer able to?

Elder Law Practice of Timothy L. Takacs offers the services you need to respond to the legal, financial and caregiving challenges created by a loved one's disability.

  • Special Needs estate planning
  • Special Needs trusts
  • Supplemental care trusts
  • Links to support groups
  • Conservatorships for disabled children
  • Life Care Planning

Whether your special needs dependent is affected by autism, spectrum disorders, birth defects, mental illness, substance abuse, cerebral palsy, diabetes, developmental, emotional or cognitive disabilities, or disabilities resulting from accident or illness, Elder Law Practice of Timothy L. Takacs can help. Our skilled, experienced and compassionate professionals will empower you to protect your special needs loved one’s financial rights, legal rights, eligibility for public benefits, quality of life and more—now and in the future.


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