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When I went to my first meeting with Tim and his staff, I was scared, exhausted from caregiving and had no idea what my next move should be. But the Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law staff knew exactly what to do and that gave me confidence. Their integrity, professionalism and compassion were just what I needed at a time when I was at a total loss about what to do next.

I chose to go with the Life Care Plan and I’m so glad I did. It was worth it, especially because I could have never carried out my responsibilities as my husband’s caregiver without the help of Tim and his staff.

They are good folks—they are real. I can’t say enough about my appreciation for them.

Gayle D.
Columbia, TN

Estate planning at the last minute is a terrible experience. It’s extremely stressful to see your mom sick and in the nursing home while you try to work the finances out. I called several attorneys but quickly realized that most really didn’t know how to help.

Friends encouraged me to call Tim Takacs and I’m glad I did. I got more information from Tim’s website than I did from many hours spent talking with other attorneys.

The check I wrote to Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law was the best money I’ve ever spent. That check lifted the burden off of my shoulders and gave it to Tim and his staff. They took care of everything: government paperwork, calling the nursing home and much more. Tim and his staff helped me make the best decisions for Mom without sacrificing time with my wife and daughter. It was worth every penny.

In my opinion, Tim Takacs is one of the best attorneys in the country when it comes to Estate Planning and Elder Care law, if not the best! He and his staff are great about answering emails, returning phone calls and answering questions. Bryson is fantastic. He has a gift for working with the elderly. He even stopped in to see my mom.

My wife and I are now considering meeting with Tim to take care of our own affairs so when that time comes, we will be ready and our daughter won’t have to worry.

Robert Payne
Real Estate Broker
Nashville, TN

Within the space of about three weeks, both of my parents’ health declined to the point that we feared they might both need nursing home care. My sister and I were going crazy trying to figure out what to do. We didn’t know where to turn.

Friends who knew about our situation urged us to call Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law. In fact, four people in 24 hours said, “You need to talk with Tim Takacs.”

After the initial consultation with Tim and his staff, we realized we couldn’t afford not to work with Tim.

My favorite part of working with them was the ease and comfort we felt after each interaction. Tim and his staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Everyone was so reassuring during such a difficult, stressful situation. Lisa and my Elder Care Coordinator became my two “new best friends” during this time. They always had time and patience about things we might not have understood completely. We worked with Bryson Eubanks toward the end, and he, too, was very helpful. Whenever we had questions, they responded promptly and thoroughly without ever making us feel inadequate or intimidated.

Our experience was so positive that we recommend Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law to all our friends. I loved working with them!

SF Shelton
Sumner County, TN

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in your exceptional seminar. Your depiction of “The Danger Zone” is so valid and so compelling. I see now how it syncs so perfectly with professionals in the fields, whose work and senior focus are, steadfastly, “elder-centered.”

I appreciate the unique leadership and impetus, which you, singularly (along with your staff) have given to the once nascent elder law specialty. As a fellow professional passionate about my small contribution to the senior area, I salute you.

Steve Mathews
CareGivers by Wholecare Connections, Inc.

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