February 2016

Other Medicare Open Enrollment Periods

How does cognitive decline affect an older person's ability to make decisions about his or healthcare? Certified Elder Law Attorney Tim Takacs explains. 

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IRS Phone Scam Caught Live - Playing Along with Scammers

This video shows how scammers attempt to terrify victims into paying money they don't owe. In this video, one would-be victim decides to play along with the scammers to see what they do.

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Veterans: Use the Blue Button to share health info between providers

Many Veterans receive care from community non-VA providers as well as from VA. One simple way to share important VA health information such as allergies, medications, test results, and a problem list is to use the Blue Button in My HealtheVet to access a VA Health Summary. This video shows My HealtheVet users how they can access their summary in My HealtheVet with a few simple steps.

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Are you laboring under misconceptions about long-term care?

If you believe that 1) very few people end up using long-term care, or 2) that Medicare pays for all long-term care needs, you could be in for a rude awakening.

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Scam Calls and Emails Using IRS as Bait Persist

If you're looking out for the financial health of elderly loved ones, make sure they don't fall for these schemes.

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Common Nursing Home Questions

Attorney Barbara Boone McGinnis answers frequently-asked questions about nursing homes.

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The VA appeals process

Most Veterans are aware that claims are rated at the VA regional office (RO), usually in their state. However, a lot of Veterans are not aware that appeals are also reviewed at the regional office before they go to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (Board). 

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How to Hire a Caregiver

Do you need help caring for an elderly loved one? Maybe it's time to hire a caregiver. This multi-part series explains the basics. 

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Patient Liability & Item D Expenses

Do you understand the rules regarding patient liability and Item D expenses? If you or your loved one receives CHOICES (i.e. Medicaid) benefits in a nursing facility, you should. Elder Law Practice public benefits specialists Joshua Bey and Berkley Crain explain more. 

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