February 2018

New Dementia Studies Enrolling Volunteers

Volunteers for dementia-related clinical trials and studies are needed. Would you or someone you know be interested? There are opportunities nationwide, including some that would work for residents of Tennessee.

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Do I Need an ID for Dad?

If you're caring for an elderly loved one who no longer drives, what do you do if he or she needs a valid ID? This article explains the options if your loved one lives in Tennessee.

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FAQ about Service Animals

Have you ever wondered about the rules governing the use of service animals? Certified Elder Law Attorney Barbara Boone McGinnis answers frequently-asked questions on the topic. 

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Medicare Monday: Medicare Preventive Health Services

What preventive health services does Medicare offer? Public Benefits Specialist Berkley Crain explains.

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Paranoid Parents: Dos and Don'ts

Mom thinks your stealing her money. Dad wants to bolt the front door shut at night, so the strangers don’t come in. Are these thoughts a normal part of aging or is there something else going on? Why is your parent being irrational? Should you just shrug it off and let it go, or be concerned? This article offers some tips.

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Tax Season Means Tax Scams

Crooks are ramping up their efforts to separate seniors from their hard-earned money, not to mention their identities. If you're caring for elderly loved ones, be on the lookout for this new email scam that targets people who have email accounts on Hotmail.

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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Special Needs Estate Planning

If you have a loved one with special needs, estate planning is extremely important. Certified Elder Law Attorney Barbara Boone McGinnis explains why.

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