What prompts elder abuse?

The study found the following ten triggers of abuse:

  1. Victim attempting to prevent the perpetrator from entering or demanding that he/she leave
  2. Victim threatening or attempting to leave/escape
  3. Threat or concern that the victim would involve the authorities
  4. Conflict about romantic relationship
  5. Presence during/intervention in ongoing family violence
  6. Issues with multi-generational child-rearing
  7. Conflict about the perpetrator’s substance abuse
  8. Confrontation about financial exploitation/demanding money
  9. Dispute over theft/destruction of property
  10. Disputes over minor household issues

The abuser in the greatest proportion of cases (41 percent) was the victim’s son. The second largest group were spouses (18 percent). The median age of the mostly female (72 percent) victims was 68, and 18 percent of abusers were “acutely intoxicated with alcohol or illicit substances” when the abuse occurred.

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