Today we honor the nation's Veterans

During this Veterans Day, we pause to remember the sacrifices our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen have made in serving our Nation where and when they were needed. 

From one generation to the next, young men and women have willingly joined the ranks of America's Armed Forces. Aware of their obligations as citizens of the greatest Nation on earth, they answered its call; they served the United States with courage and commitment.

For more than two centuries, American Soldiers have preserved the liberty our forefathers earned by their willingness to fight for it, whatever the cost. Our Army has a long and proud history, filled with tradition and pivotal moments in service to our Nation. From the battlefields of Lexington and Bunker Hill, to Normandy and Manila and beyond, American Soldiers have stood firm against those who would deny basic human dignity to others.

We honor each of you, America’s veterans, who served so faithfully and honorably. Through your sacrifices you have secured for millions of others the blessings of freedom, democracy, and the unmatched opportunity that we enjoy in the United States today.

May each of you have a safe Veterans Day. God bless each of you and your families, God bless our Army, and God bless the United States of America.

Peter J. Schoomaker
General, United States Army
Chief of Staff

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