Welcome New Staffers

Two new professionals have joined the Elder Law Practice staff.

Pati Bedwell

Pati Bedwell brings more than 20 years of experience working with the elderly and their families to the Elder Law Practice team. As Elder Care Coordinator, Pati helps families navigate the long-term care system, serving as guide, encourager, counselor, resource gatherer, and advocate during the journey. Before joining Elder Law Practice, Pati spent 15 years as Activities Director for a nursing home in Murray, Kentucky, then worked more than five years as District Long-Term Care Ombudsman where she handled complaints and coordinated training and scheduling for more than 40 volunteers covering a 13-county region in Middle Tennessee.

Berkley Crain

As Public Benefits Specialist, Berkley Crain helps clients apply for Medicaid benefits, advocates on their behalf with TennCare staff, assists families with the spenddown required for Medicaid eligibility, coordinates TennCare appeals, and serves as a liaison between clients and the government once claims are approved. Before joining Elder Law Practice, Berkley worked as a medical assistant in Huntsville, Alabama and interned with the Tennessee Commission on Aging & Disability in Nashville. She also spent a year serving as coordinator for the Tennessee State Health Insurance Program (SHIP).~


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