Our Approach

Our approach is simple.

Like traditional elder law firms, Elder Law Practice of Timothy L. Takacs helps families protect elderly and disabled loved ones' assets from the high cost of nursing home care.

But we don't stop there. Our multi-disciplinary team helps families respond to problems that asset-focused firms dont address; problems such as care coordination, patient advocacy, insurance issues and more.

We call our approach Life Care Planning. Life Care Planning bundles asset protection, care coordination, family education, advocacy insurance support and other services in a convenient package. The results:

  • Family wealth preserved and protected
  • Relief for caregivers
  • Quality care for loved ones
  • Single point of access for services
  • Provisions for the care of the spouse and other family members dependent on your loved one
  • Better decisions
  • Peace of mind

Our approach works because it is built on a relationship of trust and confidence between your family and ours. But our approach is just one of the things that sets us apart. Read answers to frequently-asked questions about Life Care Planning and find out how Life Care Planning law firms compare to traditional elder law firms and non-legal Medicaid planners.

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