Meet Barbara Boone McGinnis, CELA

Barbara Boone McGinnis can help you connect with readers, listeners, and viewers who are facing the challenges of aging, long-term illness, and disability. And with 10,000 people turning 65 every day, that's a lot of people! 

As a Certified Elder Law Attorney, Barbara Boone McGinnis is equipped to provide expert analysis and commentary on a wide range of topics including asset protection, long-distance caregiving, demographic trends impacting the elderly and their families, downsizing, the ethics of Medicaid Planning, Medicaid estate recovery, paying for long-term care, long-term care insurance, wills and powers of attorney, the impact of aging and long-term illness on families and caregivers, life in the Sandwich Generation, and much more.

Her insights on the legal, financial, emotional challenges faced by the elderly and their families have appeared in Mature Lifestyles Magazine and on weekly call-in shows on Nashville, Tennessee's CBS affiliate.  

If you're producing a segment or writing an article about the lives of the elderly or their families, Barbara Boone McGinnis can help you make your story more powerful.  Scroll down to see more information about Barbara Boone McGinnis, her credentials and her media experience, plus a list of topic and story ideas that you may want to pursue in the future.

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Certified Elder Law Attorney Barbara Boone McGinnis is an emerging national leader in the important and demanding area of elder care law.

McGinnis has been practicing law in the Nashville area since 2011.  She is attorney and partner at Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law, PLLC, the nation’s leading elder law firm and the home of Life Care Planning, a philosophical approach to elder law which features a team of attorneys, nurses, social workers, insurance experts, public benefits specialists and others who work together to help families deal with the legal, financial and personal challenges created by long life and disability. 

  • Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Austin Peay State University
  • Master’s degree as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner from Vanderbilt University
  • Juris Doctor degree from Nashville School of Law
  • Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) and Certified Elder Law Specialist
  • VA-accredited attorney
  • 20 years as a Registered Nurse and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner; Certified Wound Care Specialist
  • Executive management, sales, consulting, and business development experience in long-term care settings, including nearly a decade as Director of Nursing Services at a large local continuing care retirement center in the Nashville area
  • Member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) since 2011
  • Chairperson, Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, 2016
  • Chairperson, Elder Law Section of the Tennessee Bar Association, 2016


Media Resume

Barbara Boone McGinnis offers well-reasoned commentary on a wide variety of elder law, estate planning, end-of-life planning, and caregiving issues.  

Mass Media: Television

Barbara Boone McGinnis is an experienced guest, panelist, and television host. She co-hosts Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law Hour, a one-hour show airing weekly on Nashville's Channel 5+.  She is a frequent guest on Morning Line and Open Line programs on Nashville Channel 5+answering callers’ questions about elder law. View examples of Barbara's on-camera experience below. 

Owned Media: Television

Barbara Boone McGinnis has produced dozens of educational videos for use on her firm's website and social media.  View the representative examples below or go here to see more videos.

Mass Media: Print

Since 2014, Barbara Boone McGinnis has written a monthly column for Mature Lifestyles Magazine covering elder care law, public benefits, and estate planning issues.

Legal Publishing Credits

Contributing author, Aging and Money: Reducing the Risk of Financial Exploitation and Protecting Financial Resources, Humana Press, 2014

McGinnis writes for and gives presentations regularly to attorneys and other professionals about elder care law, estate planning, and caregiving-related issues.


Discussion Topics & Story Ideas

Long-Term Care Trends

  • A growing population of elderly people may not mean more crowded nursing homes. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains common misconceptions about aging in America.
  • New approaches to long-term care are giving families more choices than ever. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the most interesting new developments.

Money, Power & Control

  • The long-term illness or death of an elderly family member can create a unique set of problems for blended families. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the pitfalls of inheritance in the age of step children and exes.
  • Is a will scribbled on a cocktail napkin valid? Will your heirs gather for a reading of the will after your death? Barbara Boone McGinnis debunks six common myths about wills.
  • Most adult children don’t know when to assume control of parents’ finances or how to go about doing it. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains when and how to pick up the financial reins.

Family Relationships

  • When you’re parenting your parents, your world seems upside down. Barbara Boone McGinnis offers sensible strategies to survive this rite of passage.
  • The long-term illness of an elderly parent often resurrects simmering sibling rivalries. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains how to survive the process without destroying family relationships.
  • What happens when feuding family members are so busy fighting each other that the well-being of an elderly loved one is in jeopardy? Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the latest approaches for dealing with high-conflict families.

Caregiving Challenges

  • More and more adults are balancing the care of elderly parents with the demands of career, spouse and children. Barbara Boone McGinnis offers sensible strategies for survival to the Sandwich Generation.
  • Shouldering the demands of care without help is a recipe for burnout and resentment. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains how caregivers can avoid burnout without burning family bridges.
  • Your elderly mother needs care—but she lives 500 miles away. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the dos and don’ts of long-distance caregiving.

Paying for Long-Term Care

  • Many seniors are realizing they can’t afford long-term care. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the total (and hidden) costs of long-term care and lays out the financing options.
  • Many families make decisions about long-term care without getting all the facts. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the basics of government benefits, including how to qualify, what’s covered, facts about estate recovery, and new options for care.

Quality of Care/Quality of Life

  • Many family members worry about the quality of care in a nursing home. Barbara Boone McGinnis shows families how to become advocates for quality care and explains the latest in chronic care and long-term care.
  • If you need outside help to care for a loved one, where do you start? Barbara Boone McGinnis offers tips for hiring a caregiver.

End-of-Life Decisions

  • Who will make healthcare decisions for you when you're unable to make them yourself? How do you want to be taken care of at the end of your life? Barbara Boone McGinnis explains why every estate plan should answer these questions.
  • How do you talk about death with people who always seemed larger than life? Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the dos and don’ts of initiating end-of-life discussions with parents. 
  • Eighty percent of Americans say that if they were seriously ill, they would want to talk to their doctor about how they would like their lives to end. Yet only seven percent actually have the conversation. Barbara Boone McGinnis explains the disconnect.

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