Ongoing Support that Evolves as Your Needs Change

During life's journey, questions will come up. How will you answer them?

Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law can help you prepare for what lies ahead with a comprehensive plan customized to meet your needs. Whether you’re a 20-something creating an estate plan, a 50-something caring for elderly parents, or an 80-something worried about your spouse, you will like the sense of confidence that comes from having one of the nation’s most respected elder care law firms by your side throughout the journey.

Four Levels of Support

How does Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law help families? 

  1. Estate Planning is for healthy people of all ages. It's for people who want to get their affairs in order with a comprehensive estate plan that grows with them.
  2. An Elder Care Protection Plan is for older adults looking ahead to future care needs. It's for people who want to get a head start on protecting family assets and laying the groundwork for their financial legacy.
  3. Life Care Plan is for people whose health is declining. It bundles asset protection, care coordination, family education, advocacy, insurance support, and other services into a convenient package that promotes quality of life for elders while preserving family wealth to the greatest degree possible. It also provides caregivers with compassionate guidance and help with decisions along the way. Is a Life Care Plan is right for your situation? Find out how Life Care Planning law firms compare to traditional elder law firms and non-legal Medicaid planners.
  4. A Crisis Care Plan is for elderly loved ones who need immediate care to protect their health and safety.  

Like traditional elder law firms, Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law helps families protect elderly and disabled loved ones' assets from the high cost of long-term care. But we don't stop there. Our multi-disciplinary team helps families respond to every twist and turn in the long-term care journey, including problems asset-focused firms don't address, such as care coordination, patient advocacy, insurance issues, and more. Our approach works because it is built on a relationship of trust and confidence between your family and ours. It's just one of the things that sets us apart from other firms.

For more than 25 years, Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law has been helping individuals and families plan for a more secure financial future. We can help you, too.

Understanding Your Loved One's Journey

At Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law, we use a model called the Elder Care Continuum to help families understand the natural progression of a long-term illness and its impact on a loved one's health, mobility, housing and financial resources.

The Elder Care Continuum helps families view the care journey as a process that begins well before what we call "the crisis point," which happens when families realize that a loved one can no longer safely live at home. At the crisis point, caregivers find themselves scambling to make immediate arrangements for long-term care, often under great pressure, and wondering how they will pay for that care.

We believe that the long-term care journey begins with what we call a "trigger event." It could be a stroke, a car accident or a fall in the home. It could be a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, cancer or another condition that may eventually lead to incapacity. Once the trigger event happens, family caregivers gradually step in to assume the responsibility for researching, coordinating, and delivering care, and managing more and more of the loved one's financial, legal, and personal matters. Over time, these burdens can become overwhelming.

Families often need more help early in the care journey than they realize. Unfortunately, traditional elder law attorneys, Medicaid planners, and senior advisors are limited in their ability to help earlier in the process because their focus is on the money. For many families, however, the long-term care journey is about much more than money. It's about making sure the loved one is safe and well cared for. It's about quality of life. 

When you meet with Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law staff members during your initial consultation, the focus will be on locating your loved one's position on each line of the Elder Care Continuum. We will then help you identify gaps in care and suggest ways to mobilize resources and public benefits to close those gaps. The goal is to plan for the best care for your loved one, both now and in the future.

A Life Care Plan defines, organizes, prioritizes and mobilizes every aspect of your loved one's care.

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