Lisa Proctor, Bookkeeper

Lisa J. Proctor is the firm’s bookkeeper. Lisa manages special projects, and oversees the firm’s accounting, human resources and technology-related functions. She is a Certified Time Matters Administrator.

Lisa played a pivotal role in the implementation of Tim Takacs’ vision for an elder law firm that defied convention by focusing on the needs of the client. As Tim’s first hire, Lisa used her vast customer service experience to help build a revolutionary new practice model that embraced clients and their families. “For the last 18 years, I’ve come to work every day knowing that I’m going to help at least one person get through some kind of crisis,” she says. “It’s very satisfying.”

Before joining Takacs McGinnis in 1996, Lisa was employed for several years in the real estate, music and video industries, much of that time in executive assistant, marketing and customer service manager positions. Her knowledge in computer programs, accounting, marketing and customer service enhances the team at Takacs McGinnis.

Lisa is a Master Gardener whose passion for growing things has enriched the lives of many. She created raised garden beds of herbs, vegetables, and flowers at a local senior assisted-living facility for the memory-impaired residents to enjoy and work in. Lisa has owned a farm in Whites Creek for twelve years, growing blueberries and kiwi as a hobby.

Lisa feels a special connection to the clients and families she interacts with each day. “My elderly mother lived with me for three years and is now in an assisted living facility, so I know firsthand the many challenges of juggling a full-time job with the responsibility of being the primary caregiver to an aging parent,” says Lisa. “I know what our clients are going through because I’m living it myself.”

When she’s not caring for clients, crops or her dog, Lisa enjoys concerts, traveling, reading, advocacy, and spending time with her son, daughter in-law, grandson and two granddaughters.


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