March 2019

Welcome to the 10 Asset Protection Mistakes Video Series

Will innocent asset protection missteps jeopardize your future? In the Ten Asset Protection Mistakes video series, members of the Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law Team talk about the most common errors they see. This week, Certified Elder Law Attorney Tim Takacs looks at Mistake #1.

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Tax Season = Scam Season

If you're looking after elderly loved ones, make sure they're aware of the latest tax scams where aggressive criminals pose as IRS agents in hopes of stealing money or personal information.

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Purple Heart Recipients to Receive Priority VA Claims Processing

Effective April 1, 2019, veterans who earned a Purple Heart during their military service will now have their veterans disability claims moved ahead of other requests.

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VA Pension Basics - Part 2

How do you qualify for VA Pension? What are the three components of eligibility? Certified Elder Law Attorney Tim Takacs explains.

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2019 Medicare Changes

How did Medicare change from 2018 to 2019? Medicare Specialist Joshua Hunter explains.

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Umbrella Policies: Essential for Estate Planning

Many people risk losing everything because they don't think to take advantage of this most basic asset protection strategy. Are you one of them?

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CMS Improving Nursing Home Compare in April 2019

If an elderly loved one needs nursing home care, you'll want to read this announcement about changes to the rating system for nursing homes.

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VA Pension Basics - Part 1

What is VA Pension? What add-on benefits are available? Certified Elder Law Attorney Tim Takacs explains.

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Medicaid Numbers for 2019

How did the Medicaid resource minimums and maximums, allowances, and QIT limits change for 2019? Public Benefits Specialist Joshua Bey shares the latest.

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