Team Tidbits: Passionate about Pets

Barbara Boone McGinnis' late cat, Shadow, eyes the family goldfish.


Elder Law Practice staff members are passionate about their pets. Tim Takacs’ four cats, and Barbara Boone McGinnis’ two cats, three dogs and one goldfish are just a representative sample; almost every Elder Law Practice employee has at least one beloved fur baby. 

Tim 4 cats (Annabelle, Josie, Dixie, and Mabel)
Barbara  2 cats (Mickey & Harry), 3 dogs (Brady, Lilly and Oscar, all dachshunds), and 1 goldfish
Lisa 1 dog (Natalie, a Labrador retriever)
Pati 2 dogs (Charlie and Milo)
Debra 1 dog (Kamri, a Schnoodle - Schnauzer/Poodle mix)
Chelle 1 dog (Cane, a Yellow Labrador retriever)
Bo 1 dog (Bama)
Ann Elise 1 dog (Clyde) and 1 cat (Bella)

Collectively, the Elder Law Practice demonstrates its support to cuddly companions in a variety of ways, including donations to the local Humane Society. On more than one occasion, Tim and Lynn Takacs have requested that the staff take donations of cash or goods for donation to the Sumner County Humane Society in lieu of birthday or holiday gifts. 

Elder Law Practice also creates pet trusts for clients who want to leave money to be used for the care of a dog, cat or other animal. The trust puts someone in charge of managing and spending the funds, following a written set of instructions provided by the pet’s owner. Until recently, most states didn't allow trusts for animals but now, almost all states allow for the creation of trusts for pets, with no human beneficiary.

For more information about pet trusts, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website does a good job of explaining the basics. See their explanation HERE.~ 

Tim Takes poses for a selfie with Dixie, one of his two cats.


Two of Barbara Boone McGinnis' three dauchshunds


Natalie, Lisa Proctor's Labrador retriever


Boogie, a rat terrier mix belonging to Lisa Proctor's mother. Lisa has been
caring for Boogie since her mother moved into an assisted living center.


Debra King's dog, Kamri, relaxes at the beach.


Bo Siler's dog, Bama, pauses for a photo with Berkley Crain.


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