Coming Soon: Improvements to the Renewal Payment Process

If you’re a client with a Life Care Plan or other ongoing service agreement, the annual renewal of your engagement used to mean mailing a check to the office or calling to pay by credit card. The Technology Team is rolling out a new payment option through Quickbooks that will offer increasing security as a side benefit. “We email clients an invoice that they can pay directly through Quickbooks’ secure online site,” said Lisa Proctor, the firm’s office administrator, who noted that the online payment method is especially convenient for renewals. “On the first renewal letter we send, we ask clients if they would like to renew via credit card. If they say yes, they get an email with a link to an invoice that they can pay online. If they prefer not to pay online, we will still take their credit card information over the phone. It’s important to note that we only invoice for renewals via email after a client has given us permission to do so. We know that not everyone is comfortable with online payment and we respect that.” 

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