Team Tidbits: Barbara McGinnis

EDITOR’S NOTE: This regular feature, previously known as Takacs Tidbits, will now spotlight interesting information about the lives of all Elder Law Practice staff members. 

Barbara loves spending time with grandkids Evie and Willow.


Outside of the Elder Law Practice office, Attorney Barbara Boone McGinnis enjoys creating family traditions and loving on her 14 (soon to be 15) grandbabies. “Where Tim Takacs is the intellectual with a lot of esoteric interests,” I really enjoy the simple life,” says Barbara, who lives in Hendersonville with her husband and a menagerie of pets. 

One of her favorite past-times involves creating family memories. “I really love making family traditions, especially around the holidays,” says Barbara. “These are the memories that kids keep for a lifetime. It warms my heart to watch my daughter, Abby, do the same thing for her children.”

Barbara preserves precious family moments in elaborate scrapbooks she assembles for her grandchildren. “It’s great fun to create keepsakes that they’ll love looking back on in the future,” says Barbara, whose oldest grandchild is attending college in California, and whose youngest is expected to enter the world in late April. 

If you can’t find Barbara working on a scrapbook, you’re likely to find her in the kitchen. “I love Cajun food but I usually end up making simple and traditional southern food like casseroles, soups and stews,” says Barbara, who often takes her culinary comforts with a glass of red wine.  

How does Barbara describe herself? “I’m a normal person who got my nursing degree from a state school,” says Barbara. “I’m an old nurse with a mom in long-term care and a husband who will be there shortly. Really, I’m just a southern cook who loves her grandbabies and life.”~


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