Client Education Recap: Hospital Rules You Need to Know

If you’re caring for elderly loved ones, it’s important to understand the way hospitals do things. Recent changes in hospital rules were the topic of discussion during the March 2 Learning Café for Caregiver Spouses and the March 21 Learning Café for Caregiver Children. Below is a short recap of a few of the topics discussed.

Healthcare Power of Attorney (POA)

This form allows a person you trust to make healthcare decisions for you. You will be asked for this form when you arrive at the hospital with your loved one.

Inpatient vs Observation Status

Just because you’re in a bed in the hospital doesn’t mean you’re admitted as an inpatient. Your status matters; it affects how your bill is paid and the services you can get after you’re discharged. The Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON) will be given to you by the hospital to help you understand your status and options.

Rule changes regarding the three-midnight stay, discharge from the hospital, the effort to reduce hospital readmissions, and medication management were also discussed during the Learning Café session.

Elder Care Coordinator Debra King provides much more detail about all of the topics covered in this short video:

Mark your calendar for upcoming Learning Café sessions for Life Care Plan clients, including Residents' Rights & Advocacy on May 4, When Enough is Enough on May 16, and Trust School/Special Needs Trusts on May 18, and Safety Issues & Scams on June 27. 

Watch for invitations by postcard and email. See the complete client education schedule on our EVENTS page.


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