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Does a nursing home provide a reduced level of care to a resident receiving Medicaid?

No. Nursing homes must provide the same care, depending on their needs, for all residents regardless of source of payment. 

My husband is in a nursing home. Sometimes I receive bills from their pharmacy for non-legend drugs. What does that mean?

Non-legend drugs are another name for over-the-counter drugs because they don't have the prescription label or "legend" on the bottle. Medicare Part D does not pay for over-the-counter drugs.

What happens to the funds in a VA fiduciary account when the beneficiary dies?

The beneficiary is not entitled to VA benefits for the month in which he or she dies, even if the individual dies on the last day of the month. Unless you are the beneficiary’s spouse, you must return these funds to VA immediately. If the beneficiary dies without a will or heirs, you must return any remaining VA funds to VA. Contact your fiduciary hub of jurisdiction for further information or access the fiduciary guide at 

My spouse passed away on the 25th of the month. Can the skilled nursing facility require that I pay for a full month of care?

No. Assuming the resident’s personal property is promptly cleared from the room, the facility cannot charge privately for the additional days.~

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