Timely Tips for Caregivers

Keep Elders Safe at Home

Most older adults want to live at home as long as possible. Investing in home modifications that increase safety is always money well spent. If you’re managing the care of an elderly loved one and you want to undertake residential improvements with an eye toward helping your loved one age in place, Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law’s Home Safety Checklist offers a wealth of ideas. 

Report Scams to the Right Agency

If scammers approach you or a loved one, it’s vital that you report these fraudsters to the appropriate authorities.

  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission online or by phone at (877) 382-4357 to report identity theft, abusive debt collectors, and most types of fraud.
  • To report scams distributed by U.S. mail, such as bogus lottery and sweepstakes “winnings,” chain-letter schemes, deceptive advertisements, and mail theft, contact the Postal Inspection Service online or by phone (877) 876-2455.
  • To report shady contractors and front-door solicitors, call your local police, your state attorney general, or your district attorney.
  • Report complaints about loans, bank services, credit reporting, identity theft, debt collection and payment cards, contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau online or by phone at (855) 411-2372.

Facing a Serious Illness?

The days and weeks after a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness can be stressful. A helpful publication, Legal Guide for the Seriously Ill, makes things easier, guiding you through seven steps that will help you get your affairs in order. 

Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Middle Tennessee’s Alzheimer’s Association offers a wealth of helpful resources. View them all here

Resource Guides Available

If you’re assisting an aging loved one, locating information about services and resources can be time consuming. Fortunately, The Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors covers all the bases. Access this document and many more helpful articles in the Takacs McGinnis Family Education Center.~


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