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Caregiver Burnout: Are You at Risk?

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Could you be on the road to caregiver burnout? This short quiz will reveal your risk.

Answer YES or NO to each question.

1. Do you rarely get a good night's sleep (7 or more hours)?*
2. Do you find it difficult or impossible to keep up with leisure and social activities you enjoyed before becoming a caregiver?*
3. Do you often lose your temper when interacting with others (including the person you are caring for)?*
4. Do you often feel sad, overwhelmed, guilty, or depressed?*
5. Do you find it difficult to relax without the use of alcohol, excess food, or drugs?*
6. Do you frequently postpone or avoid self-care activities such as health checkups?*

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be well on your way to caregiver burnout. We have just sent you an email containing information about what to do next. If you don't receive an email from us right away, please check your spam folder.

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