April 2012

Medical Criteria for TennCare Medicaid Eligibility to Change in July

The medical criteria for eligibility for TennCare Medicaid long-term care benefits will change significantly starting on July 1, 2012. As usual, there is good news and not-so-good news for people who need these benefits.


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How Prepared Are Nursing Homes to Respond to Disasters?

Perhaps the most vulnerable to injury or death due to disasters are the elderly who live in nursing homes. How prepared are these facilities and the communities in which they are located to respond to crises causes by wildfires, floods, and storms?

The federal government issued a recent report on the measures nursing homes have been taking to protect their residents.

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Another Long-Term Care Insurance Company Leaves the Market

Another large insurance company halts the sale of individual long-term insurance policies. Will consumers one day be unable to purchase a policy at any price?

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