How to establish residency in Tennessee

While a person may have more than one house or place to live they can only have one residency. In legal terms we refer to this as their domicile. 
TennCare Medicaid benefits are available to eligible residents of the State of Tennessee. The current TennCare policy manual states that for purposes of TennCare Medicaid eligibility, the principal residence is defined as the current residence at which the individual intends to reside permanently, or for an indefinite period. The TennCare Reform Act of 2002 requires an applicant to declare “under penalty of perjury” that the adult applicant does not own or lease a “principal residence” outside of this state. An exception to this general rule is individuals who are confined to a Long Term Care Facility with the intent to return to their principal place of residency may be outside of the state.
The determination of an individual’s state of residence involves the analysis of several factors including the individual’s age, capability, intent, and the degree of a state’s involvement in the institutional placement of the individual. Additional provisions include:
                    There is no durational state residency requirement.
                    There is no pre-institutionalization state residency requirement.
                    There is no fixed address requirement for the non-institutionalized.
Guidelines for determining residency for Voter registration focuses heavily on intent as well, stating residence is made not only by relocation but also by intent to remain in the new location permanently and by demonstrating actions consistent with that intention. Evidence of intent includes the following factors though all do not need to be present:
·       Buy or rent place to live
·       Employment
·       Driver’s License
·       Register vehicle
To obtain a drivers license in the state you must be able to prove, with current supporting documentation, actual residence. The website lists examples of acceptable documents and is generally easy to navigate for more information on this topic.
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