April 2014

Update on Veteran's Benefits

This spring the Veteran’s Administration announced the current total number of backlogged claims are approximately 340,000. This number is down from a year ago when claims exceeded 600,000.   A “backlogged”  claim is defined as 125 days or more in process.  The backlog reduction is attributed to a variety of factors including automated systems and policy transformation initiatives.

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Older Americans Month -- May 2014

Each May, the United States celebrates Older Americans Month to recognize older Americans for their contributions and provide them with information to help them stay healthy and active.
In 2014, the focus of Older Americans Months is on injury prevention with the theme Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow.
Older adults are at a much higher risk of unintentional injury and even death than the rest of the population. Unintentional injuries to this population result in at least 6 million medically treated injuries and more than 30,000 deaths every year.
With a focus on safety during Older Americans Month, the U.S. Administration for Community Living is offering some safety tips to older adults in order to raise awareness of this issue.

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