New Federal Rule concerning Home and Community Based Services

Every State must assess its HCBS programs and services and write a plan that shows how they will make changes if needed to comply with the new rules.  States like Tennessee that are renewing a waiver must submit the transition plan with the waiver renewal application. Tennessee's renewal applications are due by October 1, 2014 in order for those programs to continue and the State is working on a Transition Plan to submit.  The draft transition plan documents are on the TennCare website

HCBS providers, for example the MCOs for CHOICES, will also do self-assessments and provide evidence that they are following the new rules in order to continue to provide HCBS.Each person receiving HCBS will also take part in an individual experience assessment.  Your MCO care coordinator will help you with this assessment sometime over the next 13 months.  This document will also be made available on the website for review.

Go to the TennCare website and review the transition plan documents. You may submit comments through September 19th, 2014. Public input is an important part of the transition plan process.

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