January 2012

"The Court finds he's a thief" Lessons in how not to be an attorney-in-fact and personal representative of an estate (and when not to appeal)

Calling him a "thief," a Tennessee trial judge's $2 million judgment against the son of two of two deceased parents in an action brought against by his siblings for breach of fiduciary duty has been affirmed by a Tennessee appeals court.

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End of an Era: Feds Discontinue Sale of Paper Savings Bonds

For some families, it was a ritual: when Dad brought home his paycheck, he and Mom purchased a U. S. savings bond at the bank. That bond stayed at the bank, in the safe deposit box, sometimes for decades. For others, purchasing a U. S. savings bond was a patriotic duty: that was money invested in the United States, and years later, it was returned, with interest.

Not any more. Or, in any event, beginning on January 1, 2012, the United States Treasury Department and its Bureau of the Public debt will no longer sell paper savings bonds.

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