June 2014

PAE rules can be vexing

Pre-admission Evaluation is a document providing an assessment of an individual’s functioning level that is used to determine medical eligibility for LTSS. An applicant for TennCare CHOICES Long Term Services and Support must meet Level of Care (LOC) criteria to be approved for benefits. LOC is established by the completion of a Pre-admission Evaluation (PAE). A PAE can be submitted to the Bureau of TennCare through the TennCare Pre-admission Evaluation System (TPAES) by medical providers/facilities, AAADs for non-enrollees who are not inpatient or MCOs for enrollees.

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Advice from the IRS (and Us) about Keeping your Records Safe in Case of Disaster

Some natural disasters are more common in the summer. But major events like hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods can strike any time. It’s a good idea to plan for what to do in case of a disaster. You can help make your recovery easier by keeping your tax and financial records safe. Here are some basic steps you can take now to prepare.

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