The 2014 Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors: An Information and Reference Guide

TBA President Cindy Wyrick has identified a number of priorities for this year and chief among them is an initiative that relates directly to meeting the needs of the growing and frequently under served senior adult population in Tennessee.
The TBA Public Education Committee, through the leadership of co-Chair Angelia Nystrom, has updated the “Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors” for 2014. This publication is based largely on a previous edition of the handbook that was published and distributed in 2001 by the TBA Elder Law Section, the TBA Young Lawyers Division and the TBA Senior Lawyers Division. The previous edition of this handbook was very well received and all printed copies of the book were quickly exhausted after the distribution.
The updated handbook contains practical advice or a wide range of topics, including issues such as applying for Social Security benefits, long-term care considerations and estate planning, as well as completely new sections addressing online security and new health care legislation. An updated list of resources relevant for Tennessee Seniors is also included. 
This book promises to be a great benefit for the members of our communities and for the clients that we serve and all resources are available on the TBA website and will be updated regularly.
For more information or to request an electronic copy of the Handbook or to volunteer to help promote this project, please email TBA Access to Justice / Public Education Coordinator Liz Todaro at
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