November 2012

Using Three Words When One Will Do (and in this case, do better)

Lawyers are often derided for using “legal language” or “lawspeak.” In many instances, the derision is unjustified. Lawspeak is often necessary to ensure clarity – at least, clarity for when clarity is in the eye of the beholder.
Much lawspeak or legal jargon was developed over the centuries when the only people who could read and write were likely to be lawyers and judges and maybe the royals, or some of them anyway. So, understanding lawspeak was not important to lawyers’ clients—most of whom couldn’t read their wills anyway—but the judges of the probate courts who would be called upon to construe those wills.

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ACO Basics

Accountable Care Organizations are the current hot topic among health care providers. Despite the buzz and hype ACOs remain a bit of a mystery.  Refer to this issue of the Elder Law Fax further for an introduction to the concept of ACOs.

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