September 2014

Where is your Health Care Advance Directive when you need it?

Advance Directives are a good idea but a great idea is making loved ones aware of your ideas related to end-of-life care. Discussions about end-of-life care and the personal values that shape those health care related ideas are vital to ensuring your desires are carried out if all possible. Sadly only 30% of Americans have had those types of conversations.  Documentation is an acceptable substitute. These important documents should not be tucked away in a file cabinet somewhere – out of sight and out of mind.  There are ways to work around this barrier, one of which is a new app launched earlier this year by the American Bar Association.

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Unreimbursed Medical Expenses and Veterans Pension Claims

Current Department of Veteran Affairs rules related to reimbursement of custodial care and assistance with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) versus ADLs were clarified in Fast Letter 12-23 dated October 26, 2012.  IADLs are activities other than self-care that are needed for independent living, such as meal preparation, doing housework, and other chores, shopping, traveling, doing laundry, being responsible for one’s own medications and using a telephone.

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