Conflicting COVID Messages Create Cloud Of Confusion

When it comes to COVID-19, misinformation is rampant. This article, which appeared on Kaiser Health News earlier this week, does a good job of outlining what can happen a health condition that can be deadly for older adults becomes a political football.

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What is a Qualified Income Trust?

What is a Qualified Income Trust? Attorney and Partner Chris Johnson explains the basics of this important tool in the Medicaid planning process.

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Racism: A Ticking Time Bomb in Dementia Care?

There’s more emphasis than ever these days on confronting—and rooting out—racism in the community. But what happens when racism and dementia intersect in an elderly loved one? This article offers some insight.

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Durable Power of Attorney and Bank Disapproval

If your Durable Power of Attorney is rejected by the bank, what are your options? Certified Elder Law Attorney and Partner Barbara McGinnis explains.

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Caregiving Tip #6: Forget about Perfection

When you're looking after an elderly loved one, it's easy to hold yourself to unrealistic standards. In this final installment of Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law's Caregiving Tips Series, Certified Elder Law Attorney and Partner Barbara McGinnis suggests practicing a little self-compassion.

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