Understanding Care Plan Meetings

If your loved one is a resident of a nursing home, you may hear the terms “Plan of Care” and “Care Plan Meetings.” What do these terms mean and why do they matter? This article explains.

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The Conflict Box

Elderly parents and their adult children caregivers often disagree on care-related issues. Caregivers urge their parents to accept help, move to an assisted living facility, or surrender the car keys. Parents resist. It’s an all-too-common family dynamic. When adult children looking out for their elderly parents’ well-being are met with resistance, stubbornness and outright hostility, what’s really going on? We see this dynamic so often that we’ve developed a model to explain it. We call it the Conflict Box.

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Chris Johnson Named to 2021 Best Lawyers Ones To Watch List

Attorney and partner Chris Johnson received a major honor today! He was named to the 2021 Best Lawyers® Ones To Watch list. Please join us in congratulating Chris for this recognition!

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Tim Takacs Named to 2021 Best Lawyers List

Tim Takacs does it again! For the 15th year in a row, he has been named to The Best Lawyers of America ® list in the field of elder law. Congratulations, Tim!

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Staying Connected as Lock Downs Continue

We all hoped that things would be back to normal by now, yet the COVID-19-related restrictions of visitors to long-term care facilities continue. What can you do to stay connected if you can't connect with your loved one in person? This article offers a few tips.

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