Living Options for Your Parents

What if living at home is no longer suitable for your elderly parents? Where can they go and what options are available? This article outlines a few of the most common options.

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Understanding the Elder Care Continuum

Have you ever wondered what we do here at Takacs McGinnis? Attorney Chris Johnson explains the conceptual model behind Takacs McGinnis' groundbreaking approach to elder care law.

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Beware the New Twist on an Old Scam

Criminals trying to pull the Social Security scam on seniors aren't just using robocalls. They're now sending letters. Here's what authorities are saying about the latest iteration of this common scam.

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CMS Releases Recommendations on Non-Essential Procedures During COVID-19 Response

If someone you love is on Medicare and was planning a non-essential medical, surgical, or dental procedure, they'll most likely need to reschedule. This article explains more.

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