April 2020

Dementia and COVID-19

If someone living with you has dementia, how do you answer their questions about why things are so different now as the COVID-19 situation unfolds? This article offers a few thoughts. 

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A Friend Told Me to Call...

Many people find their way to Takacs McGinnis because someone who has already worked with us told them to call. In this video, a client talks about how a friend's suggestion that he contact us paid off in unexpected ways. 

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1135 Waiver May Modify Medicaid Rules

If you’re caring for an elderly loved one who may soon need Medicaid to pay for nursing home care, you’ll be interested in knowing that the COVID-19 situation may result in the temporary removal of certain hurdles to coverage. This article explains more.

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What Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Should Be Doing

What should your loved one’s nursing home be doing to keep residents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? This article explains recent recommendations from the Tennessee Division of Health Licensure and Regulation and the Tennessee Department of Health.

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