February 2019

Preparing for the Financial Reality of Widowhood

Women usually outlive their husbands, but few are prepared for the financial reality of widowhood. What can you do to get ready? This article offers a few tips.

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Elders Taking Care of Elders

Are you 65 or older and caring for elderly loved ones? You're not alone. More and more older adults are finding themselves responsible for the care of their elderly parents.

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New App Displays What Original Medicare Covers

Want online access to Medicare information for yourself or an elderly loved one? The "What's Covered" app, the newest eMedicare tool, provides valuable information to mobile users.

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Big Win for Blue Water Vietnam Veterans

If you or someone you love is a Vietnam veteran, you will want to know about a recent court decision that gives a great many Naval personnel who served in the Vietnam theatre the benefit of presumptive exposure to Agent Orange. 

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Seniors Talk about Love

On Valentine's Day, who better to talk about love than senior couples with a lifetime of experience?

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The Value of Multi-Generational Family Meetings

Could your family benefit from a multi-generational family meeting as you prepare your estate plan? This article explains when such a meeting might be appropriate and offers up tips for success.

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Ten Early Signs of Dementia

How can you tell if an elderly loved one may be developing dementia? This video from Teepa Snow, one of the nation's foremost dementia care and training experts, will help you recognize and understand ten early signs of dementia.

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Elder Orphans

Will you be one of the growing number of elder orphans aging without the support of a spouse or children? If yes, this article offers tips for the future.

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Do You Have an Advance Directive?

Do you have an Advance Directive? Maybe it's time to get one.

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