November 2021

Have You Discovered Our Podcast?

Have you discovered the AGING STARTS NOW podcast? It's a great way to learn how to plan for the realities of growing older, either for yourself or someone you love. 

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WANTED: Donations for "Santa for Seniors" and "Toys for Tots"

Would you like to bring a little holiday cheer to others this December? Here are two fun ways to make a difference.

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Managing Your Elderly Parent’s Medications

There’s an art and a science to keeping everything straight if your elderly loved one takes a lot of medications. Try these tips to avoid mix ups.

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VA Pension is Not a Handout

If you are a veteran and you think VA pension benefits are a handout, Chris Johnson wants to have a word with you.

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Could VA’s NSC Pension Make Your Life Better?

If you’re a veteran or you live with someone who is, you may have heard the term NSC, or non-service-connected pension. Most people eligible for this benefit don’t even know it exists, but new efforts by the VA to get the word out may change that. Attorney Chris Johnson explains.

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