LEARNING CAFE RECAP: Monthly Webinars Replace In-Person Workshps

Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law is passionate about education. One of the most visible ways we demonstrate this passion is by offering free educational events for professionals and families. We hold these events throughout the year at our office, at assisted living communities and long-term care facilities, at churches, for neighborhood groups, and in many other settings.

In this post COVID-19 world we're now living in, social distancing guidelines have made these in-person events almost impossible. As a result, we have begun to offer monthly webinars for professionals and family caregivers.

Our last webinar, “Do You Know My Wishes?” was held on April 16 to recognize National Healthcare Decisions Day. Certified Elder Law Attorney Barbara McGinnis and Public Benefits Specialist Josh Hunter discussed the complexity of end-of-life decision making. It's much more complicated than life support versus no life support. These decision's aren't so much black and white as they are variants of grey.

During the webinar, Barbara and Josh shared the five steps to get started:

  1. Accept that you need a plan.
  2. Put the plan in writing. 
  3. Share the plan with the person you have chosen as your healthcare agent. 
  4. Involve your health care provider. 
  5. Talk about it.

The “Do You Know My Wishes?” booklet created by Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law is a tool designed to help people think about how they would like to be treated in different scenarios. For example, if you have a 5 percent chance of returning to normal life, you may not want an invasive treatment. But if you have a 95 percent chance of returning to your normal life, your answer might be different. It is impossible to cover every scenario, which makes discussions with the person you have chosen to be your healthcare power of attorney so important.

If you're interested in documenting your own end-of-life preferences, download the “Do You Know My Wishes” booklet from the Takacs McGinnis website. It's a great way to get started--and it's completely free. 

That’s it for this issue's Learning Café recap. If you have any questions, just give our office a call.

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