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These free downloadable documents will help you prepare for a loved one's (or your own) elder care journey.



Develop a Care Plan with This FREE Template

Developing a care plan, a document that summarizes a person’s health conditions and current treatments, is a vital step for all older adults, but it is even more critical during a pandemic when people are at higher risk of becoming critically ill. 

Do you have a care plan for your elderly loved one?

If not, this free care plan template makes it easy to create one.




Where Are My Important Papers?

Do you know where to find important documents such as Advance Directives, Powers of Attorney, birth certificates, and bank account information? 

Could you find these documents quickly in an emergency?

If not, now is the time to get organized. This free checklist will help you get started.




Estate Planning Checklist

Is your family protected? Download this free checklist to help create a sound estate plan.



Do You Know My Wishes?

This simple booklet helps you reflect on your values, wishes, and healthcare preferences, and share those decisions with loved ones.



Mr. Trust Comic Book

Do you understand how trusts work? This simple booklet explains.


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