Advance Directives, Healthcare POAs, and Living Wills

April 12, 2019

Segment 1: Tim Takacs and Barbara McGinnis discuss the legal aspect of Advance Directives.

Advance Directives – The Legal Perspective

Segment 2: Tim and Barbara talk to Dr. Anthony Dallas about how to approach the subject of Advance Directives with your healthcare provider.

Advance Directives- How to Talk with Your Doctor

Segment 3: Jackson Boyd, Lieutenant and Paramedic with Sumner County Emergency Management Systems, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how first responders work with Advance Directives.

On the Front Lines – Emergency Management Services’ Perspective

Segment 4: Dr. Love Anani, Emergency Medicine Physician, APP Emergency Department Medical Director and Robertson County EMS Medical Director, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how Advance Directives work during a medical emergency.

Advance Directives and the Emergency Room

Segment 5: Jennifer Kennedy, Hospice and Palliative Nurse Practitioner at HighPoint Hospice, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how the Advance Directive process is affected by hospice care.

Advance Directives- Lessons from Hospice


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