Aging Issues and the Judicial System

January 12, 2019

Segment 1: Judge Randy Kennedy of the Seventh Circuit Court joins Tim and Barbara to talk about probate matters. Judge Kennedy handles all Probate and Estate Administration cases for Davidson County.

Segment 1 Video

Segment 2: Tim and Barbara continue their discussion with Judge Randy Kennedy of the Seventh Circuit Court, looking at conservatorships and guardianships in this segment.

Segment 2 Video

Segment 3: Rachelle Gallimore-Scruggs, Director of the Office of Conservatorship Management, joins Barbara and Tim to discuss how the Office of Conservatorship Management serves both the local court system and families seeking conservatorships.

Segment 3 Video

Segment 4: Gretchen Funk, Associate Executive Director of Supportive Care at FiftyForward, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how Fifty Forward serves as conservator for individuals who can no longer make safe or appropriate decisions for themselves due to cognitive and/or physical disabilities.

Segment 4 Video

Segment 5: Tim and Barbara speak to Sara Figal, Executive Director of Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, about the basics of mediation and how it compares to other methods of conflict resolution.

Segment 5 Video


Learn more about concepts, organizations, and information mentioned in the show.

Davidson County Probate Court Clerk's Office

Office of Conservatorship Management

Fifty Forward

Nashville Conflict Resolution Center

If You Need Extra Help...

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