Finding Love in the Golden Years

February 8, 2019

Segment 1: Tim Takacs and Barbara McGinnis address common pitfalls and discuss things to be considered for those who find love later in life.

Considerations for Finding Love Later in Life

Segment 2: Kevin Collier joins Tim and Barbara to discuss financial planning issues that couples marrying later in life might need to address.

How Love in Your Golden Years can Impact Your Financial Plan

Segment 3: Attorney Chris Johnson joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how divorce, death, or remarriage can affect eligibility for veterans' benefits.

How does Divorce, Death or Re-Marriage Impact Veterans’ Benefits?

Segment 4: Social Security expert Frank Cardenas joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how later-in-life marriage can affect eligibility for Social Security and Medicare.

Effects of Marriage on Social Security & Medicare

Segment 5: What happens when older adults find love in a long-term care setting? Elder Care Coordinator Pati Bedwell joins Tim and Barbara to discuss the many complications that can occur.

Finding Love in Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes


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