Geriatrics for Dummies

September 15, 2017

Segment 1: Dr. Ruth Garrett, the founder of a Geriatrics Certificate Program taught at Meharry, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee State, joins Tim and Barbara to talk about both the upside and downside of aging, misconceptions about aging, dealing with loss, and more.

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Segment 2: If you have concerns about an elderly loved one behind the wheel, how do you have the conversation about taking away the car keys? Occupational Therapist and Certified Driver Rehab Specialist Nancy Ramsey joins Tim and Barbara to talk about this sensitive topic.

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Segment 3: Is healthcare different for seniors? Why are urinary tract infections in seniors so common? Are seniors taking to many medications? Tim and Barbara pose these questions and more to Dr. Tom Miller from Miller Health Group in Hendersonville.

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Segment 4: What impact does Alzheimer's disease have on the aging process? What are the caregiving challenges? Tiffany Cloud Mann, Vice President of Programs for the Mid-South Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, joins Tim and Barbara to talk about Alzheimer's disease and how people can prepare for and respond to the difficult realities posed by this chronic condition.

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Segment 5: Brent Peterson, founder and chairman of Peterson for Parkinson's, joins Tim and Barbara to share facts and information about Parkinson's disease and to share his personal experience with this chronic condition.

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  • Dr. Ruth Garrett, Ph.D.:
  • Nancy Ramsey: 615.294.3825,
  • Miller Health Group:  615.822.3000,
  • Alzheimer’s Association, Mid South Chapter : 615.315.5880, 24.7, Helpline: 800.272.3900,
  • Peterson Foundation for Parkinson’s: 615.292.0159,

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