March 8, 2019 - Younger Onset Dementia - A Different Set of Challenges

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Segment 1: Younger Onset Dementia - The Legal Perspective

Tim Takacs and Barbara McGinnis discuss legal considerations, including the documents that should be put into place if this or another
unexpected illness occurs earlier in life.


Segment 2: Younger Onset Dementia – A Client’s Perspective

Tim and Barbara talk to Kenna Niles, a client whose husband was diagnosed with younger onset dementia. 


Segment 3: On the Front Lines – Younger Onset Dementia and Your Primary Care Physician

Summers Chaffin, MD, a physician with Highpoint Family Wellness joins Tim and Barbara to discuss questions you should be asking your family doctor.


Segment 4: Abe’s Garden – Challenges in a Community Setting

Connie Tomlin, Program Manager of Community Projects for Abe’s Garden, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss the challenges related to finding residential communities and programs that can accommodate the needs of younger people with dementia.


Segment 5: Community Resources

Lynn Wood, Aging Services Coordinator with Mental Health America of the MidSouth joins Tim and Barbara to discuss the programs and resources available for a person with younger onset dementia.



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