Show Notes - June 9, 2017 - Planning for Retirement

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Segment 1

Hank Parrott, President of Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc. and a Channel 5+ veteran, talks about funding the retirement years. 

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Segment 2

Phyllis Shelton, President of Got LTCi, explains how long-term care costs can create challenges during the elder care years. 

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Segment 3

Darlene Kemp, Executive Director of Vista Points, Inc. talks about retirement considerations for people caring for disabled dependents, and the role that pooled trusts and Special Needs Trusts can play in retirement planning.

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Segment 4

James Vandiver, Director of the Harpeth Hills Resource Center on Aging, joins Tim and Barbara to explore the impact that retirement can have on a person’s emotional and mental health, and what it takes to find meaning and purpose in this phase of life.

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Segment 5

Hank Parrott and James Vandiver return to discuss whether it's possible to be too frugal during the retirement years. 

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Behind the Scenes

Channel 5+ director Marielena Ramos at the control board producing the show.



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Paying for Long-Term Care

Phyllis Shelton, president of GotLTCi, Inc., is a passionate advocate for the use of long-term care insurance and has written two books on the subject. To learn more about Phyllis Shelton or to purchase her books, visit or call 615-590-0306.


Special Needs Trusts

Darlene Kemp talked about Vista Points, Inc., a non-profit resource center that provides trustee services for three types of Special Needs Trusts and works to raise awareness about Special Needs Trusts. If you are caring for a dependent or other loved one with disabilities, this resources might be a valuable one during the retirement planning process. Contact Vista Points, Inc. at 888-422-4076,, or

Retirement's Psychological and Spiritual Impact

Harpeth Hills Resource Center on Aging offers resources for people interested in finding deeper meaning in post-career living. Contact Harpeth Hills Resource Center on Aging at or 615-373-0601.  

If You Need a Bit of Extra Help...

If you have questions about the aging process or you know someone who needs support as they care for a loved one with a long-term illness, it can be useful to work with an elder law attorney. At Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law, we've been guiding clients and their caregivers through the long-term care journey for a very long time. We can help you, too. Just give us a call at 615.824.2571.

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