Sidestepping Scams

August 11, 2017

Segment 1: Jamie Owens, Community Outreach Coordinator, Hendersonville Police Department, and Grace Smith, Executive Director, Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee, give an overview of the types of scams most often seen in Middle Tennessee along with tips for preventing scams and how to respond if a person falls victim to a scammer.

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Segment 2: What role does Adult Protective Services play in protecting seniors from scams and financial abuse? Renee Bouchillon, Program Director of Adult Protective Services, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how this important agency supports and protects seniors and their families.

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Segment 3: When it comes to scams, can victims get justice? What types of cases get prosecuted? How are they prosecuted? Tim and Barbara pose these question to General Ray Whitley, District Attorney General, Sumner County, and Honorable Allegra Walker, General Sessions Court Judge, Division IV.

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Segment 4: What are some of the latest scams in the banking industry and what are banks doing to protect our savings? Daisy Casey, President of First Tennessee State Bank, Sumner Division, joins Tim and Barbara to explain the steps financial institutions are taking to protect seniors.

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Segment 5: Daisy Casey, President of First Tennessee State Bank, Sumner Division returns, along with Amy Heaslet, Senior Vice President and Deputy Counsel, Tennessee Bankers Association, to talk with Tim and Barbara about regulatory changes expected in 2018 that will do even more to protect seniors against financial abuse.

Financial Abuse - How Banks Are Protecting Us - Part 2


Learn more about concepts, organizations, and information mentioned in the show.

  • Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee, 615.353.4235,
  • Hendersonville Police Department, 615.822.1111,
  • Adult Protective Services, 1.888.APS.TENN
  • Gallatin Criminal Office, 615.451.5810
  • General Sessions Court, 615.880.3694
  • First Tennessee State Bank, Sumner Division, 615.206.1079,
  • Tennessee Bankers Association,

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