Transportation for Seniors

April 13, 2018

Segment 1: Transit for Nashville Coalition spokesperson Walter T. Searcy joins Tim and Barbara to talk about the proposed referendum on funding for mass transit and how it will impact seniors.

Segment 1 Video

Segment 2: Tim and Barbara speak with Ed Cole, Board Chair of Senior Ride Nashville, and Brenda Payne, Board Chair of Community Life Bridge about ride-sharing services designed specifically for seniors.

Segment 2 Video

Segment 3: Amanda Clelland, Public Information Officer for Nashville MTA joins Tim and Barbara to discuss how the AccessRide progam that provides transportation services to people with disabilities.

Segment 3 Video

Segment 4: Michael Hogan, Director of Driver Services Issuance for the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss stategies for dealing with an elderly loved one who needs to surrender the car keys--but won't.

Segment 4 Video

Segment 5: Shelley Courington, AARP Advocacy Director, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss programs that enable seniors to keep driving safely well into old age.

Segment 5 Video


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Transit for Nashville

Senior Ride Nashville 

Community Life Bridge 

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

AARP Tennessee

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