Show Notes - May 11, 2018 - The Business of Dying

If you missed the original broadcast, watch the show here after May 14, 2018. 


Segment 1: Hospice & Palliative Care

Dr. Nikkalynn DeLaurentis, a Palliative Medicine Specialist from Goals of Care, joins Tim and Barbara to talk about palliative care and hospice care. 


Segment 2: Funeral Planning

Barbara and Tim talk to John Smith, owner of Smith Family Funeral & Cremation Services, about sensitive issues related to funerals.


Segment 3: Natural Burial - Larkspur Conservation

John Christian Phifer, Executive Director of Larkspur Conservation, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss alternatives to traditional burial.


Segment 4: Wrapping Up Final Affairs

Mollie Lacher, owner of Sunny Care Services, talks to Tim and Barbara about the business of making final arrangements after a loved one dies, such as closing accounts, stopping utility services, and more.


Segment 5: Organ & Tissue Donation

Tim and Barbara continue the discussion about palliative and hospice care with Dr. Nikkalynn DeLaurentis, a Palliative Medicine Specialist from Goals of Care. 



Learn more about concepts, organizations, and information mentioned in the show.

Goals of Care

Smith Family Funeral & Cremation Services, LLC

Larkspur Conservation 501c3

Sunny Care Services



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