Show Notes - May 12, 2017 - Aging in the Community

If you missed the original broadcast, watch the show here. 

Segment 1

In segment 1, Barbara McGinnis interviews Tim Takacs, who talks about the complicated set of issues aging creates—for those getting older, for family members who will eventually be called up on to look after elderly loved ones, and for the community at large and the way it may (or may not) be organized to meet the needs of older adults. 


Segment 2

Dr. James Powers, a professor at Vanderbilt School of Medicine, offers the doctor’s perspective on how the experience of aging is being transformed. Dr. Powers is nationally known for his work in the field of geriatrics, palliative care, and long-term care.


Segment 3

Tim and Barbara continue their discussion with Dr. James Powers, whose work is helping to change the way people experience (and view) aging.


Segment 4

What role does the community play in supporting older adults and their caregivers? Grace Sutherland Smith, Executive Director of the Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee, and Ed Cole, Chairperson of the Senior Transportation Leadership Coalition in Nashville, join Tim and Barbara for the discussion. 


Segment 5

What can people can do to create an environment for healthy aging, both as individuals and as communities? Joining Tim and Barbara for the discussion are Dr. James Powers from Vanderbilt School of Medicine and Grace Sutherland Smith from the Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee.



Keep scrolling to learn more about concepts, organizations, and information mentioned in the show.


The Elder Care Continuum

Certified Elder Law Attorney Tim Takacs mentioned the Elder Care Continuum during segments 1 and 2. The Elder Care Continuum is a conceptual model used by Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law to help families understand the natural progression of long-term illness and its impact on a loved one's health, mobility, housing, and financial resources. 

Learn more about the Elder Care Continuum and how it shapes Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law's approach to working with families. 


Aging-Related Statistics

Dr. James Powers, Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and a nationally-known authority on aging, referred to the following graphics during his discussion of trends in aging. The takeaways: Americans are living longer than ever;  as people age, functional capacity inevitably declines; and four major challenges stand in the way of healthy aging for Tennessee residents. 


Senior Ride Nashville

Ed Cole, Chairperson of the Nashville Senior Transportation Leadership Coalition, talked at length about Senior Ride, a soon-to-be launched ride-sharing service for seniors. To learn more about the program, volunteer to be a driver or get involved in other ways, call 615.838.2659 or visit their website


Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee

Access a print edition of the Council on Aging Directory that Grace Sutherland Smith, Executive Director of Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee, mentioned during her segment or view the online version of the directory.

For more information about the Council on Aging, visit their website or call 615.353.4235.



If You Need a Bit of Extra Help...

If you have questions about the aging process or you know someone who needs support as they care for a loved one with a long-term illness, it can be useful to work with an elder law attorney. At Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law, we've been guiding clients and their caregivers through the long-term care journey for a very long time. We can help you, too. Just give us a call at 615.824.2571.

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