Show Notes - November 10, 2017 - Veterans Benefits

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Segment 1

Berkley Crain, Public Benefits Specialist at Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law, PLLC, joins Tim and Barbara to talk about the basics of Veterans benefits.


Segment 2

Ms. Jennifer Vedral-Baron, Director of Tennessee Valley Healthcare System, and Dr. Marvin Stubbs, Chief of the TVHS Geriatric Extended Care Program, join Tim and Barbara to take a look at the benefits for veterans offered by the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System.


Segment 3

Sandra Wyatt-Moore, Director of Clinical Services at the Tennessee State Veterans Homes, joins Tim and Barbara to talk about the benefits and services the homes provide.


Segment 4

Mr. John Krenson, CEO of Operation Stand Down, and his Support Services Manager, Nicole Bridges, MSW, join Tim and Barbara to discuss how their organization helps veterans.  


Segment 5

Tim and Barbara speak to representatives of two organizations advocating for veterans: Mike Scott, State Commander of the VFW, and Sherry Pickering, Executive Director of Montgomery County Veteran’s Coalition. 



Learn more about concepts, organizations, and information mentioned in the show.

Tennessee Valley Healthcare System


Tennessee State Veterans’ Homes

  • Murfreesboro – 615-895-8850
  • Humboldt – 731-784-8405
  • Knoxville – 865-862-8100
  • Clarksville – 931-245-4700

Operation Stand Down


Veterans of Foreign Wars

Montgomery County Veterans Coalition

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