Tips to Help Seniors Avoid Falls at Home

Fall Prevention Awareness Day is just two days away. What are you doing to help yourself or an elderly loved one avoid slips, trips, and falls? This articles offers a few tips.

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Chris Johnson Joins Takacs McGinnis

Please join us in welcoming attorney Chris Johnson to the Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law team!

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Pro-Tip Tuesday: The Business of Dying - Part 1

When you’re faced with the prospect of losing someone you love, there are many things to think about. Some are personal, some are sentimental, and some are practical. In this first video in a two-part series, Certified Elder Law Attorney Tim Takacs talks about some of the matters that need to be attended to when a loved one dies. 

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Care Plan Meetings 101

If an elderly loved one lives in a nursing home, you need to know about care plan meetings. What are they? How do they work? How can you make the most of them? This article explains. 


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What To Do With Your Estate Planning Documents

So, you've created an estate plan. What happens next? This article explains.

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