Life Care Planning

A Powerful Solution an Age-Old Problem

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My dad scrimped and saved. Now that he has Alzheimer’s disease, how can I make sure that we don’t lose everything he worked so hard to accumulate? 

The Problem Can Start in a Second…or Unfold Slowly

A Diagnosis


Alzheimer’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease

A Medical Emergency


Heart Attack

An Accident


Car Wreck
Fire in the Home
Medication Mistake 

A Discovery


Your Loved One is… Wandering
Unable to Provide Self-Care

Life Care Planning: The Complete Solution

A Life Care Plan defines, organizes, prioritizes, and mobilizes every aspect of an older adult’s care. It bundles asset protection, Medicaid and VA Planning (if needed), care coordination, family education, advocacy, insurance support, and other services into a convenient package that promotes quality of life for elders while preserving family wealth to the greatest degree possible. A Life Care Plan also provides caregivers with compassionate guidance and help with decisions along the way. 

  • Legal Services 

  • Care Coordination 

  • Client Advocacy

  • Medicare/Insurance Support 


What you get with a Life Care Plan 

  • Your own team to help you find, get, and pay for good care

  • Comprehensive, customized estate planning 

  • Asset restructuring using Trusts and deed transfers as appropriate; the goal is to reserve the older adult’s home and as many liquid assets as possible

  • Development of an action plan for legal and legacy planning, and coordination of care

  • Guidance from Certified Elder Law Attorneys

  • Guidance from elder care coordinators to make good health care and long-term care decisions

  • Help with sorting through the maze of long-term care options including residential placement

  • Personal care advocacy

  • Assistance and advocacy when a crisis occurs

  • Guidance from our Medicare and public benefit specialists

  • Identifying and accessing public benefits and resources to pay for care

  • Assistance in attaining eligibility for public benefits such as ten care and or VA pension 

  • Information, education, and support for the client and family caregivers

How Does Life Care Planning Differ from Elder Law?